Welcome to software reviews. Here are some programs that I would like to recommend to you.
If you have any questions about any of these let me know.

don't work as well as this one does.  This software is one of my favorites.

This is a spyware removal program. Don't let your PC get trapped into the cookies.

Jason's Picks

For the mobile DJ, the AMPS system lets you carry more music and gives you more features while you carry less weight.   In seconds you can find, cue, and play any song from your music library. You can let AMPS take care of the music while you run the show. Tell William that Jason sent you.

Need a DJ program to help you with your dance night check out AMPS.
"Take computer audio to the next level."
Fix annoying bad links on your website using: 
Xenu Link Sleuth
I would like to tell you this has really helped me solve and find problems with my website.I could not believe it when it found bad links to sites that i have linked to and also the bad links on my own website. (Nobody is perfect!!!)

I'm torn Between These Two Pop-Up Managers:

I recommend this software for Internet Exporer users. its COMPLETELY FREE.
If you donate money it would be nice.

POP-UP STOPPER: I really enjoy not seeing ads pop up on my screen if your browser needs to open another window or you want to see the add hold the CTRL key down.
Try POP-UP-STOPPER for use with more browsers you will need to purchase this product.
Download it by clicking Here,